Short Sweet & Sacred

Short Sweet & Sacred

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Life will always invite us to push forward during our non-stop daily hustle and bustle—all the while we are left feeling drained and often disappointed about the lack of time we hold for self-care. Or we might experience the lack of energy we end up giving to ensure we are living a life that makes us happy. But here is the truth about life. It’s not about doing more, it’s about being more.

52 life coaches share their true and authentic stories of becoming more, and this is presented in a way that is short, sweet, and sacred.

Through this inspirational and authentic collection of international stories, you will gain insight from soulful professionals who have discovered their dream careers, found courage after divorce, walked through grief, embraced their self-worth, enjoyed victories for minorities, navigated their mental health, found true love, received light-hearted life lessons, jumped hurdles during parenting, experienced miraculous shifts in health, and everything in between.

This is your chance to fill your cup and envelop yourself within a world of truth, where you can realize that there is hope in every situation. And not only hope, but a way to flourish, blossom, and come alive! Living is more than the act of keeping busy.

You will discover through these stories that you can design a life that brings you joy—no matter what you may be walking through. We share our messages of overcoming to show you what is possible, and the beauty of having a deep connection with the Infinite.

Short Sweet & Sacred Book
Marilyn K. Lawrence

Marilyn K. Lawrence is a DreamBuilder Coach certified with The Brave Thinking Institute, a premiere training center for transformational coaching. In mentoring the dynamic process of blueprinting, believing, building and, ultimately, becoming, Marilyn’s unique workshops and one-on-one programs provide proven, repeatable techniques for engaging a life to love.

Marilyn’s passion for life studies evolved from Antioch University and a spiritual journey formally guided by Reverend Michael Beckwith, Agape International Spiritual Center and Reverend Hilary Taylor, Centers for Spiritual Living. She served as a licensed spiritual counselor and assistant teacher at CSL.

Marilyn’s work life focus is all about blending business and spiritual principles. Accordingly, she garnered priceless inspiration and experience as an ambassador with one of the world’s largest and most respected business leader as well as other prominent organizations including the US Department of Labour. Marilyn has served on the Board of Directors for Evensong West Ministries nearly twenty years now and, for two years, with the Partnership for Warrenton Foundation.

​In addition to co-authoring Short, Sweet & Sacred with Love Made Visible, Marilyn co-authored On the Wings of Faith with The Spirit of Professional Harmony: Ten Guideposts to Fulfilling Worklife. Sophtrends is, partially, an acronym referencing The Spirit Of Professional Harmony and it is her DBA name. The author’s daybook Office Confidential is scheduled for release in 2022.

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