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Mary Morrissey

Courage, persistence, and growth hallmark this incredible selection of inspiring true stories. Short Sweet & Sacred brings you on a profound journey as each writer shares their intimate retelling of a time they were making a decision to live their best life–despite the circumstances. This sacred book offers a combination of unique stories that are sure to inspire hope!

Mary Morrissey | Founder of the Brave Thinking Institute

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Volume II

50 Inspiring Stories From Life Coaches Who Transform Their Challenges Into Their Greatest Victories.

Short Sweet & Sacred, Volume II
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“This is a MUST READ for everyone. Love the bite size nuggets of wisdom within each story. I could relate to so many of these short stories. Well done and heartfelt! LOVE it!”
Short Sweet & Sacred, Volume I
Volume I

52 Uplifting Stories
From Life Coaches Who
Overcame and Moved
From Stuck to Success.

Short Sweet & Sacred, Volume I
Short Sweet & Sacred Book

Are you running on empty emotionally, feeling uninspired, or facing an overwhelming situation and finding yourself too busy to even figure out how to move in a positive direction?

If you’re experiencing these challenges, you are in the right place for inner nourishment. These compilations of short stories can help you start your day with a pick-me-up of inspiration.

This collection of books presents life coaches who share their true stories of overcoming a variety of hardships and how they decided to move forward to create a vibrant life they love living.

You will come to realize through reading these stories that you can absolutely make it through any challenge, and still create a life that quenches your thirst for fulfillment. How do we know? The authors have created this in their own lives, despite even the most daunting circumstances.

The vulnerability and honesty you will discover within these pages were written with the intention that you will feel surrounded by love and light and to know deeply that all of us are on this sacred journey together.

Short Sweet & Sacred Book

About the Author

Erin Davenport

Dawn Zehren is a coach, speaker & life-strategist. Her purpose is helping people end the pain of pretending to be less than they truly are and realize their dreams – including harmonious families, red-hot romance, vibrant health, travel & adventure, new businesses & more. Dawn weaves wisdom and whimsey to support full-spectrum wealth. Her personal motto is, “Together We Go Further Faster.”

Her passions include sharing stories & meals, creating crafts & events, and laughing out loud. When traveling, you’ll find her checking out used bookstores, historical sites and local restaurants. Dawn lives in beautiful Wauwatosa (Milwaukee), Wisconsin with her husband Nick & their magnificent dog Jack.

You can discover more about Dawn at and on Instagram @CoachDawnZehren.

Dawn Zehren

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