Sweet &

Volume II

Mary Morrissey

Courage, persistence, and growth hallmark this incredible selection of inspiring true stories. Short Sweet & Sacred brings you on a profound journey as each writer shares their intimate retelling of a time they were making a decision to live their best life–despite the circumstances. This sacred book offers a combination of unique stories that are sure to inspire hope!

Mary Morrissey | Founder of the Brave Thinking Institute

Volume II

50 Inspiring Stories From Life Coaches Who Transform Their Challenges Into Their Greatest Victories.

Short Sweet & Sacred, Volume II
A Beautiful Anthology of A-Ha! Moments

“This little treasure is a wonder to behold: snippets of a-ha moments from the various lives and perspectives of some pretty inspired people. Each story is short and sweet (as the title suggests), but they’re packed with heart and life lessons. The stories in here are proof that even in the hardest of times, there is hope and room for growth in our lives.
Highly recommend!”

Short Sweet & Sacred Book

Are you running on empty emotionally, feeling uninspired, or facing an overwhelming situation and finding yourself too busy to even figure out how to move in a positive direction?

If you’re experiencing these challenges, you are in the right place for inner nourishment. These compilations of short stories can help you start your day with a pick-me-up of inspiration.

This collection of books presents life coaches who share their true stories of overcoming a variety of hardships and how they decided to move forward to create a vibrant life they love living.

You will come to realize through reading these stories that you can absolutely make it through any challenge, and still create a life that quenches your thirst for fulfillment. How do we know? The authors have created this in their own lives, despite even the most daunting circumstances.

The vulnerability and honesty you will discover within these pages were written with the intention that you will feel surrounded by love and light and to know deeply that all of us are on this sacred journey together.

Short Sweet & Sacred Book

About the Author

Edna Castillo

Edna Arevalo Castillo is a certified transformational wellness and healing coach, inspirational speaker, and author of Living Your Genius: How to Tap into Your Soul and Heal Your Mind, Body, and Spirit. After her own life-threatening journey with breast cancer, she discovered a passion for coaching others on how to live beyond their diagnosis.

She fully embraced the power of the principles she teaches while facing rigorous treatments and now identifies her cancer journey as the most spiritual period in life. Edna believes that in your toughest moments is where seeds of greatness are birthed to create richer, fuller lives. The programs she teaches allow women to gracefully journey with illness, or any situation, create wellness and healing in their lives and live into their dreams.

As founder and CEO of RealityDreams® Life Coaching, she promotes loving oneself as the first step to good health. To learn more visiting

Edna Castillo

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