Short Sweet & Sacred


59 Courageous Stories from Life Coaches Who Dared to Change the Direction of their Lives


Hard To Put Down

“I picked up this book to read a few of the chapters, and I found it difficult to put down. Each story was compelling, interesting, and uplifting. The best part is that you don’t have to read start to finish. Each story stands on its own and is a powerful reminder that we can overcome our challenges and come out better for it. A great inspiration!” – Amazon 5 Star Review

Do you wish you gave yourself more time to curl up with a good book? Through Short Sweet & Sacred, Volume 3, giving yourself this time is an easy “yes.” These short and powerful stories are sure to inspire you, and best of all, you will find yourself feeling accomplished without committing to read an entire book to be “finished.”

You can soak in one short and sweet story at a time and one day at a time. That’s the gift of this series—it fits perfectly with your on-the-go lifestyle.

A hallmark of the Short Sweet & Sacred series is also the authenticity you will find within its pages. Each Life Coach shares openly about their ups and downs. For some of the coaches it was the longing to find purpose, to navigate severe illness, or walk through unexpected divorce.

There are a wide variety of topics covered-showcasing the multifaceted human experience.

These beautiful souls openly share their stories with you because they know it will bring you hope. Hope that if they can change the direction of their lives, despite the challenges, so can you!

Exactly What I Needed For A Brighter Day

“These stories are so inspiring! I appreciate the honesty of the writers because I was able to relate to their struggles, and I feel filled with hope
that I can make it through the dark times as well.”

Jason Brumfield

About The Author

Jason Brumfield

Jason Brumfield

Jason Brumfield is an educator, life coach, and author. He has enjoyed a 20+ year career in education that started in a suburban New Orleans high school classroom as an English teacher. He currently serves as the Secondary Reading Language Arts Coordinator for a school district in North Texas.

Jason has studied under the mentorship of leading figures in the personal and professional growth field—a journey that led him to becoming a certified life coach specializing in mindset coaching. With his husband, Donald, Jason co-founded Team Affect Consultant: a personal, professional, and leadership development company. He loves watching clients build the lives of their dreams as they realize and tap into the potential that dwells within them.

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